Professional Pet Stylist with many certificates.
Post-secondary education in the Pet Industry,
including, but not limited to:
  • Animal Sciences (for Veterinary Assistance with Highest Honors)
  • Grooming Fundamentals
  • Junior Groomer
  • Professional Stylist (with Honors)
  • Enhanced Stylist (Finishing Groomer)
  • Advanced Scissoring.


Cindy has been involved with animals for many years. She has had the opportunity of interacting with many species ofanimal, including cats and horses. She specializes in dogs, as she has owned many dogs in her life, including Rottweilers. She currently has no pets, as she has just recently lost her 6 year old Rotti in a battle with Cancer. She has personally trained her Rottweilers, as well as her Yorkshire Terriers, a Miniature Pinscher, and an American Pit Bull Terrier in Basic Obedience and some tricks (speak, roll over, high five). She has experience in Breeding and Whelping dogs as well. Cindy is a skilled Dog Groomer, a Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, and Customer Service Representative.

2 Pawsh is a family business, where Cindy, her husband Milton, and their daughters Mia and Cali, are all involved in making their four-legged clients feel loved, special, and of course "Pawsh".

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